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I'm a member of this site called Swap-bot.com. Ok, really I'm addicted to it, but that's beside the point. :) Basically you swap things. (Bet you couldn't figure that out from the name, huh. lol) And a swap I just did recently was to answer 21 questions about yourself. I figure I can reuse this Q & A to tell a little more about myself than what is in my main profile. And so I present, Q & A about Grasshopper. :)

1. What inspired your swap-bot nickname?

I'm kind of an impatient person and all my friends know this. One day I was being really impatient and one of my friends said "Patience, grasshopper," to be funny. They started calling me Grasshopper after that and I use that as my nickname online all the time.

2. What is the most unique or interesting thing about the city or country you live in?

I'm going to go with an interesting fact about the city. I'm in a suburb of Charlotte, NC and we call the downtown area uptown because no matter where you are in the city you have to travel uphill to get to the downtown/uptown area.

3. If you celebrate the winter holidays, share a special memory or thing you enjoy about the season.

Here's a memory I have about Christmas. Like I already said, I'm pretty impatient and I'm also not good at keeping secrets. I want to tell you what I know right now. LOL So, one year, I think I was like 8 years old, I was absolutely dying to tell my grandmother what we had gotten her for Christmas. We had gotten her a set of those geese you put in your front yard. She really wanted some and I knew she was going to be soooo happy. I made it all the way to Christmas Eve. We were driving around looking at Christmas lights and I was sitting in the backseat with her. (Why my parents thought that was a good idea, I don't know. LOL) It was ok for awhile, but then we passed a house that had those darn geese and she mentioned how much she liked them. That was it. I lost it. I could not stop talking about how we bought them for her and how we wrapped them, etc. I went on and on for probably 15 minutes. No one in my family ever tells me what they bought people for Christmas anymore.

4. What's your favorite song at the moment?

This is a tough one. I have many favorites at the moment. I'm going to go with "Decode" by Paramore. You listen to that song and some of my other favorites on my playlist at: http://view.playlist.com/10537675019

5. What's your favorite frozen food?

I love Ben and Jerry's One Cheesecake Brownie ice cream. Yum!

6. What scent do you wear the most?

I usually wear Love Spell body spray from Victoria's Secret. It smells sooooo good!

7. One word that describes me is......

dependable. Very boring, I know, but I guess it could be worse.

8. My favorite crafts are........

I like making rapunzel scarves and paper crafts.

9. If I had a million dollars I would......

pay off all my family's bills, travel the world, and give money to my favorite charities.

10. 3 things I'm good at are........... (think positive, don't leave this blank!)

1. Shopping. Seriously. If you want something, I'll find it. Even if I have to go to every store or internet site I can think of. LOL
2. Cooking. I love to cook and I don't think I've made anything yet that people didn't like, even when I'm experimenting.
3. Research papers. I can write a killer research paper. I don't particularly like them, but all my professors say I have a knack for it. I think it goes hand in hand with my shopping skills; I'll find all the facts no matter what it takes. LOL

11. My favorite childhood toy was a.......

My favorite toy was definitely my doll house. I had like a million pieces for it and I played with it everyday. I loved that thing so much.

12. Name 5 things you can't live without.......

1. family
2. friends
3. books
4. bento
5. lip gloss

13. Name 5 product things you can't live without.....

1. Starbucks raspberry white chocolate mocha
2. post-it notes
3. Deer Park bottled water
4. LUSH Sexy Peel soap
5. Trader Joe's steel cut oatmeal

14. I'm in love with.....

oh so many things! I'll go with lip gloss, books, bento, shoes, cute socks, and shopping. Plus Starbucks, Trader Joes, Swap-Bot, LUSH, anything kawaii, Johnny Depp and Colin Firth. LOL

15. A cause that I care about is.....

AIDS research.

16. My new year's resolution is to....

spend less and save more.

17. In my neighborhood it is common to see many........

children playing in the street. (Don't worry. There are always adults out there with them.)

18. On Friday nights I enjoy.....

staying home and snuggling up to watch a movie or reading a good book. Unfortunately, I usually work on Friday nights.

19. My computer desk has these items on it.....

a printer, a couple of books, post-it notes, a cup with pens and pencils, and envelopes.

20. My bedroom window faces...

my backyard.

21. Today the weather is....

icky. It's very wet and foggy.