Merry Day After Christmas!

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I couldn't post yesterday because I had to work all day. And I mean ALL day. It was definitely not my best Christmas. 13 hours of work followed by a 2 hour drive to my parents house. Not fun at all. Especially, when work was filled with people asking brilliant questions like, "Are you open today?" Ok, obviously we're open if I'm answering the phone. Not to mention I work at a HOSPITAL. Now, maybe hospitals close in some places, but not in major metropolitan areas (I've actually never heard of a full service hospital that closes, but maybe someone else has, so I won't say they don't exist even though I kind of think that. :) ). And definitely not the hospital that is the whole region's trauma center. Seriously people. Think before you pick up the phone. And please consider not asking for information and then when I ask what kind of information, saying "I don't want to say," and then cursing at me for not being able to help you. I think that's a pretty simple request. :)

But enough ranting about work. I'm at my parent's house for a few days and I plan on enjoying myself. We exchanged gifts this morning and I got lots of lovely things. I think my favorite might be the bubble bath cupcakes. They smell yummy and look super cute. I can't wait to use them. :)

Here's a pic of the Creamy Vanilla one: